YUTE Programme Ends December 2013


Through national programmes geared at the upliftment and of the nation’s most vulnerable- the youth, JMMB partnered with the PSOJ (Public Sector Organization of Jamaica) as a diamond sponsor of their YUTE (Youth Upliftment Through Employment ) programme. The YUTE programme was implemented following the Tivoli Inquest, and was designed to offer training and employment opportunities to more than 1600 partipating youths across the island. Community level statistics showed that this programme contributed to a more than 70% decrease in unemployment in some inner city communities and made an even greater impact on the participants’ self-esteem and self- awareness. Another key component of the YUTE programme saw board and project team training more than 700 volunteer mentors through 25 training sessions and managed over 530 mentorship relationships. Strongly supported by the JMMB family, and with the company’s CEO Keith Duncan and JMMB’s Chief Group Strategy Officer Senator Imani Duncan- Price being two of the key players in the beginning and maintenance of the programme, JMMB also offered internships to YUTE participants; and has hired YUTE participants from the programme both permanently and on a contractual basis in the areas of finance and information technology.The programme, which began in 2010 focused on facilitating vocational skills training and negotiating access to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people aged 16 to 29 years in various communities. Designed to provide participants with the knowledge, applicable skills, attitudes, qualifications and competencies to secure employment or create their own business opportunities, YUTE activities taught people skills such as self-management, improved interpersonal skills, increased self-esteem and self-worth while encouraging economic empowerment. Senator Imani Duncan-Price, ‎at JMMB Group also served as a YUTE Project Board member.

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