Child Resiliency Programme

The Child Resiliency Programme is an after-school program for children identified as being at risk for violence and abuse. Through partnerships with school, community, church, family and police, the programme integrates sports, nutrition, cultural arts and academic support to build resiliency in the children referred. 

The programme has five pillars: 

1) Nutritional Support where the children got a cooked meal each afternoon

2) Academic Support. The focus was primarily on building literacy (this was done with the help of computer learning)

3) Life skills training. Children were taken through a series of life skill themes during circle time covering topics such as anger management, self esteem building, conflict resolution, friendship, positive sexuality. This is taught by integrating with sports and the creative arts including, football, Table Tennis art and craft, kung-fu, swimming, boxing, dance and music.

4) Parenting, Family Support and Counseling. Monthly parent training seminars are held and individual family counseling sessions.

5) Teacher Training

The 220 children who have graduated from the programme this academic year 2018/19, have increased their literacy levels (including computer literacy) and have fostered an increased love for learning, particularly reading. They are demonstrating better impulse control, increased confidence and self esteem, an increased sense of belonging, an ability to get along better with their parents, better general attitudes and manners, the ability to identify someone who cares and less conflict, aggression and fights at home and school.  Parents in turn are beginning to demonstrate increased strategies for conflict resolution, more involvement in the child’s life at school, an increased ability to find alternate discipline strategies apart from beating, and are better able to set clear rules and boundaries for their child.


The Child Resiliency Programme is a programme of the Violence Prevention Alliance.

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