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All recipients of funding from the Joan Duncan Foundation are invited to participate in Transformational Workshops

Transformational Training

As a strong believer in each person realising their full potential and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives; the Joan Duncan Foundation hosted its first transformational workshop in November 2013 for primary, secondary, tertiary, continuing education and special needs scholarship and grant recipients from the September 2013/2014 school year. The session featured guest speaker Beverley Manley Duncan.


The day’s life changing seminar saw the high energy group of over 25 persons focused on personal development steps targeted at enhancing personal growth; positive self-discovery; owning a personal vision and core values; addressing and accepting the past and establishing a positive ‘default future’ creativity and the strength of language. Mrs. Manley Duncan echoed the mandate of the Foundation and impressed on the gathering the importance of empowering youth to become key influencers in the lives of others- resulting in them becoming the change agents in their own lives and the wider community.


The workshops, which will continue throughout 2020 and beyond, will benefit all persons who receive scholarships or donations by the Joan Duncan Foundation; and are designed to give participants a step by step guide to live in effective and extraordinary ways. At the end of the transformational workshops, they leave with the ability to take control of their lives, become performance driven and have a new level of self-awareness. They are also encouraged to develop effective relationships, the ability to operate beyond conflict and to recognize themselves as leaders.

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